Rules of Golf, Part 5

Because we’d run out of beer and the shed was getting boring, Broken Arrow declares play must resume despite the torrential downpour. On the very next hole, he finds his ball lying in a bunker that is completely covered with casual water, in some places deep enough to drown the Chief. He argues that he should be able to take a drop outside of the bunker, thereby greatly increasing his odds of not being completely covered in grinding wet sand.

Chief Hands Like Feet, being a stickler for the rules, states that Arrow must drop his ball in the bunker, but he can drop it where the water is most shallow, thereby ensuring an outstanding comic moment whence the club comes into contact with three inches of water, a bunch of sand, and (just maybe) the ball.

Who’s right?

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Well, here is the deal. It is real easy. Play it as it lies, drop in the bunker within 2 club lenghts, or drop in the bunker keeping the point of entry and the flag in a staight line moving back as far as you like BUT YOU MUST DROP in the bunker.

But, if you don’t want to do the above, replay the shot that got you there ( from as close to the original spot as possible ), with a 1 stroke penalty, and pray you don’t hit it in there again.


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