Rules of Golf, Part 4

In a four-ball match, Talking Bull and Duke, Duke Goose are shooting steely-eyed glares at Running Tongue and Berry Funderwatch. With Talking Bull 10-feet from the hole but lying 8 and Duke 12-feet away lying 3, Talking Bull winks at Duke and says, “Freemspar ober der.”

Having uttered this, he aims toward a spot a foot behind Duke’s ball and away from the hole, in an attempt to have his next stroke aid Duke’s ability to make his par. (Not realizing, of course, that Duke has been drinking regular old Milwaukee’s Best and has been asleep whilst all this was taking place.)

Running Tongue says, “You slimy bull-talking sonofabitch! You can’t do that!”

Hmmm… Is this enough information to determine which teams wins this hole?

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I disagree. More info is needed. Did Duke ever putt , and if so, did TB remove his ball before Duke putted? Did RT and BF ever put out? I find that hard to beleive since neither are players anymore………….

Not enough info to determine who wins because the no balls have been holed in this scenerio. Additionally, nothing wrong with the Freemspar ober der. If Side TB/Duke are away they may choose order of play for their side.

Rule 31-5 Order of Play

Balls belonging to the same side may be played in the order the side considers best.

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