Rules of Golf, Part 3

With his ball on the green and being his turn to putt, Fish! walks up to the hole, removes the flagstick, and lays it on the ground near the hole. He walks back, takes aim, and – being the supremely confident putter that he is – worries not about hitting the indian logo emblazoned on flag and strikes his putt.

Chief Turtle Thunder, having missed a few Fooks in his time and being unaware of Fish!’s outstanding accuracy with his putter, mistakenly fears that Fish!’s putt might strike the flagstick. He walks over and moves it out of the way.

Skipping Skunk, having just emerged from the woods, shouts “Someone’s getting a two stroke penalty!”

Is he right? And, if so, who?

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Again, this is another that requires some additional clarification:

Fish! was not using the flagstick for aiming purposes. Skippy moved it the flag whilst the putt was in motion, however, because he thought Fish!’s putt was going to hit the flag.

Any answer modification out there?

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