I Heard a Nasty Rumor Yesterday…

I had the pleasure of playing golf yesterday with the Chief and Fish! in an outing to celebrate our allegiance to Indiana State University. (Those of you who were asked to participate and turned us down should know that it turned out to be a beautiful day and a great time. So screw you, too.)

Anyway, in the course of conversation, the subject of the Walkabout came up. Turns out there has been next to no response from the field about their attendance this year. In addition, there have been very few deposits turned in to solidify and reserve a spot in the event. Being the Chief, having already made the deposit on the cabin, and being the type of person that doesn’t mince words, Bullseye was heard to remark:

“I’m closing the field at eight men this year.”

So, believing him to be a man of his word, Fish! and I gave him our deposit. We’re in.

Are you?

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