Rules of Golf, Part 1

So, you’re standing on the 12th green at Otter Creek, playing the round of your life, finally (Silver Elk) in a spot to win the Chief. You’re looking at a 2-footer for a birdie three and Chief-Two-Many-Times-To-Count Spiked Bullseye says, “That’s good.” Since you’re an honorable sort (even though you are sporting a Porn’stache), you decide to putt it out. “It’s for birdie,” says you, “I’d better putt it.”

So you do.

And you miss.

What’s your score? Birdie three or par four?

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I’m going to debate this. For now, let’s assume it’s a gentleman’s round and not match play. The question asked:

What’s your score? Birdie three or par four?

My answer is neither. It can’t be a 3 because he didn’t hole out. And we actually don’t have enough data to determine when he did hole out. While it might be a 4, Silver Elk also might have taken a bogey, or worse.

That aside, in the spirit of concession, I’m going to give Elk a 3 even if he putts 10 more times. As Chief Spiked Bullseye IV stated:

A concession may not be declined or withdrawn.


By the rules of golf all balls must be holed out unless you are playing match play. That being said, in a gentleman’s game, pick the damn thing up they give it to you. Otherwise the putt counts if you miss it.

If it was match play, once he conceeded the hole the putt didn’t matter.


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